Thursday, December 30, 2010

He's Here!!!!!

Here is my new bundle of joy! Kaiden Amir Revels. I never thought I would be a mother of two. I am sooo blessed. Happy Holidays Everyone! And have a safe and happy New Year!

One year and four months in and I am loving my sisterlocks more everyday!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 heads!!!!

Yes I have one two. lol I know you get the pun... I did lose two teeeny weeny starter locs on my edges this month, but they were too insignificant to even take a picture of and you can barely notice the loss. I think it was due to hormonal changes and even stress as I am just now stopping work at 9 months pregnant.Overall the progress of my hair is great. Due to my having a baby I have decided to hold off on learning how to do my sisterlocks myself until next year. Which is fine...i am sure I won't have time nor energy to do it. But this is new to me so I figured i would post it. I will be 2 years in in no time... My babies are finally growing & I see the difference.

15 months & New do!

I finally did something with my hair! no curling or anything, but please bare with me, I am 37 weeks pregnant so I try :) I can't wait to meet my new son soon. Here are a few things I did with my hair today...

Remember this.....

Here I am 15 months in!

Yes I luv luv luv my sisterlocks!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

After Much Research....

I finally understood what is meant by hair type. I know my hair was tightly coiled, but I didn't quite understand the concept. After visiing this website and looking at kaila dewdrops blog, finally after about 14 months i know what my hair type is. After pulling out a strand I was amazed as just how curly it is. What shocked me even more was the way it popped back after my "stretching" it out. It is as long as my index finger but pops all the way back to my finger nail! LOL its no wonder why I have been tripping on length lately. I am very grateful I did this. And I hope this website helps others understand what it means to have a certain hair type. It definitely helped me.

Friday, October 29, 2010

14 Months!

Dangitt!!!! I was trying so hard to keep track of how far I am in my journey... I looked at the date today and realized I am 14 months into my journey. Yes! I was due for a reti tomorrow but due to other financial "conflicts" (yea that's what I call them, setbacks just sounds too bad lol), I have been forced to push it up another a week or two. Part of the reason I look forward to becoming a Diyer soon. But I luv my loctician sooo much!!!!! If you are in Detroit here is a link to their website ( I will put one on the side as well) Ashlee is the best.

I have noticed my hair is getting slightly longer in the back. Before I know it I will be reaching for that headband. Baby #2 is killing my back!!!!!! But thanks to him, ny new growth is soo very strong. I have been looking at those that have color, but I think I like my hair the way it is as far as color is concerned so I will leave well enough alone. All the pretty fall colors out here in Michigan have had me a little tempted. I need you guys help though. What can I use to keep my hair moistraized in this cool weather? I need ideas...Thanks.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Attention to Detail...

As I was rubbing my 7 month old pregnant belly the other day =) I decided to relax my massaging my scalp. I noticed a big difference in the way my hair felt. The texture was somewhat different than what it has been the past few months. Sure it is the same hair and everything, but i noticed it should I say this not so "drawn up". I can no longer call them my babies anymore now that I am in the teen stages...but I notice that they are a little more relaxed? I guess I really do not know how to explain it. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my hair lately, which has served as a boost of confidence for me seeing that I am always dreaming of it getting longer. I had to sit back though and count my blessings as I did this massaging the other day. I had t recognize that okay yea its short what else is new...I love them beyond no end. I mean I cannot think of being without my locks and even tying to go back to weave. I haven't had to mask myself with remy velvet outre in over a year and I must say i never thought I would get here. (At this point anytime I play with my moms and sisters wigs it itches lol) I have also never had an issue with buildup on my scalp, my locks falling out, thinning out, swell ling up, smelling weird-nothing. Needless to say I was petrified of encountering these things a year ago. I do wonder if this will change once I begin the DIY process. I see my loctician on the 30Th this month so we will see how the convo goes on that. I may want to wait until after I have my second child to do this...Until then, here is a close up of my hair at 13 months and the detail of it... Ciao!
*As you can see however, I need to start wrapping my hair up at night before the lint gets out of hand...*_*

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

13 months in....

Okay these are my thoughts on being thirteen months...
I am finally getting that itch to do something drastically different to my hair... I told myself when I started that I would never ever color my locks because my hair is so funny acting, and I fear breakage. They really need some special attention...For the past weeks I have been covering them because standing in the mirror at seven months is just not in my plans...needless to say I haven't ordered my lock loops or soft spikes yet =( This has been me the past week....

This was the braidout I attempted...

I have been thinking of getting my locks extended know that I am settled in and locked...I don't want anything long..Honestly just and inch..maybe two tops. But I am feeling like I stopped wearing extensions or anything in my hair because I didnt feel it was me...I do think it will make me a little happier and give me a little more versatility...What do you think? Anyone out there have loc extensions or have tried them? If so what was your experience? Thanks...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is that Color?

I finally took some time away from my school work to actually plug up the digital camera I have had since April. It is such a shame I haven't had enough time to be diligent enough to get these photos on my computer. After the entire summer I finally have enough energy to upload them. As I was looking through some of them today i noticed that my hair has a slight tint to it. I don't know if it is hereditary, or from maybe perming my hair for so many years, but there is defnitely color to my hair. I knew my hair wasn't black, but this is new to me. Here is a look at a pic from my hair at one year months and from my hair at 8 months...

This is pretty odd to me... But I like it... I had been a little discouraged lately because my hair is sooo tightly coiled that you barely notice that I have gained any length..However a few things I have noted is that I have a few new locs coming in from my last reti, I have never lost a loc, and I haven't had any real nightmares with my hair, and after only a year of being locked my loctician informed me that for the most part my hair is locked...I still have balls coming off the ends of my locs.....

But i guess that is part of the locking process... I tried a braidout the other day...didn't really work too well for me, so I am going to try some lock loops. This year I look foward to being able to finally have some length of course, and being able to try more styles... we will see...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I made it!!!!!

Yes! Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my installation! Seemed like forever!!!! Probably because I was looking foward to it. It has been an eventful year full of ups and downs and a lesson in patience for sure. So it's time for reflection guys! Here are some of the things I experienced my first year and I hope this helps a lot of women starting out. Here are my confessions...
1. Never expect your hair to look like the pics you see-even if its close. Your hair texture and rate of growth is totally different. ( I am still fighting with this one.)
2. Find something to keep you motivated and remember the reason you got locks in the first place. This page helped me through my first year and oh yea this girl too
3. Everyones' hair different! My hair seems to be taking forever to grow in comparison to others!
4. To touch back on three know that you hair will grow with time and patience it will look like this...
I look foward to this.
5. Never make the mistake of putting heat on your hair. I tried it , it looks stupid and is totally pointless. Stock up on different rollers like perm rods, and lock loops. luckily for me, my hair went back to the way my loctician had it after washing.
6. Most of all do what works for you. I love my sisterlocks no doubt, but I am starting to have the lock envy of those with traditional locs.
7. Lastly and this is most important of all.. listen to your loctician if you have one. I suggest starting out with one at least to give you a good foundation. They are there for a reason and they do their jobs well.

Those are my year one confessions. Some things I look foward to this year are being a diyer and finally gaining some length, and being able to do more with my hair. Looking foward to the next 365...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yes, my loctician has confirmed it...I no longer have to braid and band. I admit this seemed to come faster than I thought. I am approaching nine months in to my locking journey this months and progress is slow but sure! I was real excited for her to tell me this. i know I still have some time to go before my locs mature, but this is great because trying to braid this itty bitty hair was getting hard-j/k. I haven't been doing anything different with my hair lately because I been so exhausted with work and this pregnancy. But that will change soon. I am inching closer and closer to a year. I thought I would further along as far as length is concerned, but I realize my hair shrinks like crazy so I am not much worried about it. it will come in time...See you guys in Month 9! I will start to do more cool things with my babies as soon as I get some energy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have just passed month 8 into my locking journey. Needless to say it has been a transition. I have stopped worrying so much over the legnth of my hair and have begun to start thinking more of their overall health. I go for a reti on May 25th. And I will spark up the conversation of DIYing with my consultant again. It's not that I want to stop going to her she is magnificent...But I will need the convinience in the next few months seeing that i am due to become the mother of child #2! I am so excited. I am praying for a girl this time around. Anywho, I feel great! The months are flying by, and although I am not where I expected to be at *8months, it beats the hell out of buying weave every other week. We will see what the future holds. See you all next month!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Permed Ends Had to Go!!!!

For those of you who didn't know I did the most silly thing this time last year. I had a sew in weave at the time and decided that I was only going to leave a small portion of my hair out. Well, because it was raining at the time my hair kept frizzing up, i decided that i would just go on ahead and perm it. Yes, just the top part. My consultant thinks this is pretty hilarious. I decided I couldn't take it anymore, the rest of my hair was curly-qs', but when you looked at the top of my head I looked like alphalpha! Pretty much, It was time for them to go. Toomuch contrast...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hello Everyone,
I have just surpassed my seventh month into my locking journey (as of March 25th). I am due for a reti so bad it's not even funny. I am itching to be a DIY'er so bad, but my consultant told me I should wait until my locs have settled in. Which is cool, anything to keep me on the right track. I dug into my fotki and pulled a picture from the first day I had my locs (its the one @ the bottom *tear*). TALK ABOUT A TRANSFORMATION!!! These first few months have been a true journey,I cannot wait to see what they will look like when I go for a reti on April 6th. A lot of my locs are fuzzy, and some of the balls have come off of the ends, but they are growing. I am doing a lot less curling and playing in my hair, which may seem like a small milestone to some, but I have been wanting to do this for some time now. Lately, I have been using Carols' Daughter and Organic root stimulator temple balm for my edges. I am drinking more water too, and I definitely see the difference drinking water makes for your hair and nails. I am getting closer and closer every day to the one year mark! lol. Happy easter everyone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

SAD DAY.....

Today is a sad day for me. I am a little fustrated with my babies. I am finally six months in and I am very proud of myself for finally being able to let go of what I like to call "The REMY Weave Addiction." But my babies seem to be stagnant. I am trying my hardest not to compare myself to other women that have gone through this stage already, and I am working on my patience, but my hair seems to grow so slow! I haven't had any significant new growth since Month 3. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies, but I don't know what could be causing this standstill. Has anyone else experienced this? I am starting to think maybe it's because of stress, but I haven't lost any locks so...I don't know you guys...Just needed to vent a little....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I just keep growing and growing....

Lol. Hello everyone. To say that I have been stressed is an understatement. Tax season sure does take its' toll on you. Between juggling this and school I am scared I may just fall out! lol. But I am still trucking along. I have finally reached my fifth month and my babies will reach 6 months on the 25th. I am so excited! Although I don't see much change happening to my babies as far as length is concerned , I have a few that are locking in the back and near the middle, but my edges and the top are taking a while. The top is to be expected seeing that I did perm that one small section around this time last year ( my consultant finds this hilarious and I don't blame her lol.) I am not rushing it though. My hair has stopped slipping (although I still braid and band), but it just seems my hair is growing soooo slowly. But oh well, rest assured my patience is growing stronger and I am really enjoying the stage that I am at. While I don't really change up my hairstyle much, I do accessorize a lot more now. I will wait and see what happens. See you all in Month 6!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Month 4 Update!!!!!!

SO, Happy New Years to Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays! I know I did. Not much has changed for me the past few months. Sorry for the amateur pics, but I had to put something up to show you all where I am at in my journey. I confirmed with my loctician that I am in the beginning stages of the locking process and I couldn't be more elated than what I am now about that. She assured me that my hair is fine in perm rods, and that since they are locking they may seem shorter than what they actually are, but they are growing nonetheless. I may be M.I.A. for a few weeks due to tax season. I swear if I hear , "It is $1500 per kid right?" I may explode! A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing people. But anyway I have digressed. I am gaining a little more patience everyday and haven't been obsessing so much about my own hair. I will be 5 months old on the 25th! The months are just flying by! As you can see I haven't changed my hairstyle much. I am looking forward to my hair locking and it finally falling so I don't look so much like a peacock. lol. Anyway. That is it for today! Talk to you all soon!