Thursday, August 26, 2010

I made it!!!!!

Yes! Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my installation! Seemed like forever!!!! Probably because I was looking foward to it. It has been an eventful year full of ups and downs and a lesson in patience for sure. So it's time for reflection guys! Here are some of the things I experienced my first year and I hope this helps a lot of women starting out. Here are my confessions...
1. Never expect your hair to look like the pics you see-even if its close. Your hair texture and rate of growth is totally different. ( I am still fighting with this one.)
2. Find something to keep you motivated and remember the reason you got locks in the first place. This page helped me through my first year and oh yea this girl too
3. Everyones' hair different! My hair seems to be taking forever to grow in comparison to others!
4. To touch back on three know that you hair will grow with time and patience it will look like this...
I look foward to this.
5. Never make the mistake of putting heat on your hair. I tried it , it looks stupid and is totally pointless. Stock up on different rollers like perm rods, and lock loops. luckily for me, my hair went back to the way my loctician had it after washing.
6. Most of all do what works for you. I love my sisterlocks no doubt, but I am starting to have the lock envy of those with traditional locs.
7. Lastly and this is most important of all.. listen to your loctician if you have one. I suggest starting out with one at least to give you a good foundation. They are there for a reason and they do their jobs well.

Those are my year one confessions. Some things I look foward to this year are being a diyer and finally gaining some length, and being able to do more with my hair. Looking foward to the next 365...