Monday, November 30, 2009

Month 3

I can't believe I let my three month locversary come and pass me by! So much has happened this week it is rediculus. I was supposed to get my second reti on Nov. 21st, but some young "inexperienced" driver...(that's the nice way for me to put it..) slammed in to the side of me. Then I rescheduled, went back on Tues. Nov. 24th just to find out an hour later that someone broke in my house... ugh. So it was just drama drama drama! ANywho, I just thank God I am okay and that the baby wasn't with me in the car when that fool tried to do a u turn and slammed in to me. *_* However, thats that. My babies are doing well. I am starting to wear them out more and more. I notice the glares and stares but noone really says much. They are finally starting to fall in place and arent as fuzzy looking. My loctician says I am doing well, Just keep up with braiding and banding. Sorry for the cheesy pics.. lol no time to edit them on my own pc because that was taken too. Sigh. Dont you just love Detroit... not! ANywho thats it for me. I love MY HAIR!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can't Believe IT.....

I got my first 4.0 the other day can you believe it!!! I have been going to Devry University online for about a year now and I cannot believe this much time has passed. I was a little irratated though by the haters out there who like to talk nonsene saying things like, "well you know DeVry used to be a technical school." As if my 4.0 doesn't mean anything because I don't sit in a traditional classroom setting. I just brushed them off, what made the comment worse was that it came from a college dropout. Tsk Tsk Tsk my people my people. When are we going to learn to just be happy for one another. I finally have some credits under my belt. I have been going to school for five semesters straight, full time, as well as working full time and being the best wife and mother I can possibly be, so after working I still come home and cook and clean and play with the baby. Now tell me that my 4.0 is not an acheivement after you do the things I do and still make time for school. *sigh*
Well now that I have gotten that off my chest... My babies are progressing fine. I hope to have adigital camera soon so I can get more photo happy because my T Mobile Dash just isn't getting it. I haven't done much to my since the updo, Just freestylin'. My mom still loves playing in my hair, but she urks me with the whole.. "when they get long they gonna look pretty talk". Not that I should be urked by that but coming from a woman who has spent the past 49 years bladheaded I would think she would share a little sympathy. smh. I just smile and keep it moving though. She is still my pride and joy and hopefully her seeing me go through this, she will want some for herself one day. More pics to come soon in month 3. HOOOORAYYY TO ME! I never thought I could get a 4.0 in anything and I did it. Never thought I would have the strength to go natural but I'm doing it. The world better look out...You never know whats' next... Till next time yall!