Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 heads!!!!

Yes I have one two. lol I know you get the pun... I did lose two teeeny weeny starter locs on my edges this month, but they were too insignificant to even take a picture of and you can barely notice the loss. I think it was due to hormonal changes and even stress as I am just now stopping work at 9 months pregnant.Overall the progress of my hair is great. Due to my having a baby I have decided to hold off on learning how to do my sisterlocks myself until next year. Which is fine...i am sure I won't have time nor energy to do it. But this is new to me so I figured i would post it. I will be 2 years in in no time... My babies are finally growing & I see the difference.

15 months & New do!

I finally did something with my hair! no curling or anything, but please bare with me, I am 37 weeks pregnant so I try :) I can't wait to meet my new son soon. Here are a few things I did with my hair today...

Remember this.....

Here I am 15 months in!

Yes I luv luv luv my sisterlocks!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

After Much Research....

I finally understood what is meant by hair type. I know my hair was tightly coiled, but I didn't quite understand the concept. After visiing this website http://www.naturallycurly.com/pages/hairtypes/type4 and looking at kaila dewdrops blog, finally after about 14 months i know what my hair type is. After pulling out a strand I was amazed as just how curly it is. What shocked me even more was the way it popped back after my "stretching" it out. It is as long as my index finger but pops all the way back to my finger nail! LOL its no wonder why I have been tripping on length lately. I am very grateful I did this. And I hope this website helps others understand what it means to have a certain hair type. It definitely helped me.