Friday, October 29, 2010

14 Months!

Dangitt!!!! I was trying so hard to keep track of how far I am in my journey... I looked at the date today and realized I am 14 months into my journey. Yes! I was due for a reti tomorrow but due to other financial "conflicts" (yea that's what I call them, setbacks just sounds too bad lol), I have been forced to push it up another a week or two. Part of the reason I look forward to becoming a Diyer soon. But I luv my loctician sooo much!!!!! If you are in Detroit here is a link to their website ( I will put one on the side as well) Ashlee is the best.

I have noticed my hair is getting slightly longer in the back. Before I know it I will be reaching for that headband. Baby #2 is killing my back!!!!!! But thanks to him, ny new growth is soo very strong. I have been looking at those that have color, but I think I like my hair the way it is as far as color is concerned so I will leave well enough alone. All the pretty fall colors out here in Michigan have had me a little tempted. I need you guys help though. What can I use to keep my hair moistraized in this cool weather? I need ideas...Thanks.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Attention to Detail...

As I was rubbing my 7 month old pregnant belly the other day =) I decided to relax my massaging my scalp. I noticed a big difference in the way my hair felt. The texture was somewhat different than what it has been the past few months. Sure it is the same hair and everything, but i noticed it should I say this not so "drawn up". I can no longer call them my babies anymore now that I am in the teen stages...but I notice that they are a little more relaxed? I guess I really do not know how to explain it. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my hair lately, which has served as a boost of confidence for me seeing that I am always dreaming of it getting longer. I had to sit back though and count my blessings as I did this massaging the other day. I had t recognize that okay yea its short what else is new...I love them beyond no end. I mean I cannot think of being without my locks and even tying to go back to weave. I haven't had to mask myself with remy velvet outre in over a year and I must say i never thought I would get here. (At this point anytime I play with my moms and sisters wigs it itches lol) I have also never had an issue with buildup on my scalp, my locks falling out, thinning out, swell ling up, smelling weird-nothing. Needless to say I was petrified of encountering these things a year ago. I do wonder if this will change once I begin the DIY process. I see my loctician on the 30Th this month so we will see how the convo goes on that. I may want to wait until after I have my second child to do this...Until then, here is a close up of my hair at 13 months and the detail of it... Ciao!
*As you can see however, I need to start wrapping my hair up at night before the lint gets out of hand...*_*