Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Me again.....

I had my reti last saturday and all I can say is I wish it my consultant..... Dont get me wrong she was consultant has that "special touch" :) Anyway my first reti went well, I have noticed that my hair is starting to fill in nicely and the things i couldn't do with my hair in month 1 I now can do in month 2. Evrything is going well no breakage or anything, i got yelled at for putting olive oil in my hair though. :) anyway here are some pics after my first reti...

I bought this little accesorry from the beauty supply and this was the end result. I got kind of tire of covering my hair at work so i decided to get a little creative. I love my babies. I am gaining a little more patience...Well until next time everyone! Stay locked and stay blessed!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am so overdue for a retightening. I had to delay my appointment due to scheduling conflicts last week and I am so overanxious (as always) to see how I have progressed. Thanks to you all on LockitUp and here on the LHBE for support. This relationship I am having with my hair is like a marriage lol. The first 6 months seem like they are going to be the hardest. Its getting cold out here in Detroit and I noticed how my babies are reacting to this crazy weather we are having. I have been putting olive oil on my hair to try to keep it from being so brittle and breaking off, which my hair tends to do easy. This permed top at the top is making me go insane! I want to chop it off soo bad because it is conflicting with my look. It just stands out like a pink elephant in the room. smh. Anyway, the pics listed above are of me right after a wash about a week ago, I plan to wash once more before my retightening Saturday. At that time I guess i will ask my loctician about my rebel permed top. One question I have for the veterans out there is what can I do to care for my babies to keep them braking off in this cold weather? They feel really fragile... Well until next time you guys!!!!! Stay Locked and Stay Blessed!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I don't know what it is, but as a newbie I seem to have this ongoing obsession with those women out there who started out with short sisterlocks. Yea, Yea, I know they will grow. But I really be into their blogs looking at every step of their process. lol. I guess that is just part of my growing process. That's not to say I don't look at the tons of women who started out long...its just..inspiration of sorts for me. other news, I am due for a retightening on Oct. 9th. Im not as anxious seeing that my loctician had to "fix" a few of my locs last week. I do have some slippage going on, and my babies are starting to do what they feel like doing. I have like three different textures in my head. The top is still permed. It doesn't want to leave!!!! The back is soft and curly, and everywhere in the middle has its own identity. I haven' t really put anything on my hair out of fear of more slippage, but I did put a little olive oil on it because it felt really dry after a wash one day. FOr the most part the itch has subsided (thank the Lord) and I have been taking it easy lately with the styling. Sometimes I roll it, but most days I just wet and go! Gotta love it. Thats' all for now. Lets see what month 2 holds. See ya soon!