Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update @ 21 months

I know it has been a couple of months. usually I don't go this long without posting something, but it has been one thing after another.

I finally finished school!!!!!!!!1 After three long, hard, arduous years I finally have my Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management! Never have I been more happy to be done with this chapter in my life.

However, I must tell you guys of some of the interviews I have been on the past few weeks.I won't name any names of companies, but I will elaborate on some of the things I have gone through in relation to my hair. I notice for over the past year that when I walk in to an interviewing session the first thing that people look at is my hair. This doesn't really bother me as I assume they are just looking me from head to toe anyway. I have been on numerous interviews the past year, even third and fourth interviews and not offered a position. After clearing up a minor issue on my background (I say minor because it never stopped me from getting a job) I got back in to the groove of applying to jobs again after the tax season. After looking back, I decided to test my theory. As an HR major, I understand that "looks" is not a protected class for discrmination. But, I wanted to see if it indeed goes on.

I applied with a payroll company, for two different positions. The first position I interviewed with my sisterlocks. The interview went fantastic! However, I was denied the position and not given a reason why. I did notice that the interviewer kept looking at my head throughout the interview. I just wrote it off as maybe she was trying to figure out what they were. Two weeks later I get a call from the same company asking to interview for another position. I decided at that time I would wear my little sisters wig cap to the interview, Just to see how far it would go. I went to the interview, with the wig on, a brand new suit, and high heels, minimal makeup and a fresh manicure (not to say I didn't have these things in the first interview only thing missing was the hair) the response I got from team members working there, and from the interviewer changed. There were compliments on both my hair and my appearance. Needless to say I was offered the position. What is funny to me is the second interview didn't go half as good as the first one and BOOM! There I was with an offer. Could it be because of my doll like appearance?

I would hope not. Because my qualifications speak for itself. But I can't help but wonder.... I have been on so many interviews it is not even funny. And here in Michigan you must do what it takes to secure your future. I know this may tick a few of you off, but I had to know that's why I wore the cap that day. I know many lock wearers out there have issue with covering your sisterlocks for whatever reason.

As for my sisterlocks. They are doing so so. I say so so because due to stress my hair has been coming out on the edges. I have yet to take the sisterlock re tightening class because of time constraints, but I am getting to it this weekend. I didn't know my consultant would turn out to be one of my best friends :) I am looking forward to it, because I need a reti like never before.

I am still a bit frustrated about length. But all I can do is be patient. Here is my hair last Sunday on Mother's Day. I want to try and color my locks soon, but not before getting approval from my consultant. I just need something different.