Saturday, October 13, 2012

3 years in! My Locs at 38 months!

Hello All! I'm Busy busy busy busy!!!! But here is a quick update on my sisterlocks! I do not do too much with my babies lately. I am thinking of purchasing the wrap-a-loc set today, so once I get them in I will be sure to be more diligent about posting pics. I have had issues with my curls lasting. Now that my hair is getting a little bit longer, i think I need to set my hair for a little while longer. I have had my braid out one day and already it is beginning to fall. I am also thinking of coloring again but am afraid it will be too light...Plus I love my color...I will be perusing websites for some information on how to style my locs. Slowly but surely I am gaining versatility! See ya soon!