Saturday, April 10, 2010

Permed Ends Had to Go!!!!

For those of you who didn't know I did the most silly thing this time last year. I had a sew in weave at the time and decided that I was only going to leave a small portion of my hair out. Well, because it was raining at the time my hair kept frizzing up, i decided that i would just go on ahead and perm it. Yes, just the top part. My consultant thinks this is pretty hilarious. I decided I couldn't take it anymore, the rest of my hair was curly-qs', but when you looked at the top of my head I looked like alphalpha! Pretty much, It was time for them to go. Toomuch contrast...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hello Everyone,
I have just surpassed my seventh month into my locking journey (as of March 25th). I am due for a reti so bad it's not even funny. I am itching to be a DIY'er so bad, but my consultant told me I should wait until my locs have settled in. Which is cool, anything to keep me on the right track. I dug into my fotki and pulled a picture from the first day I had my locs (its the one @ the bottom *tear*). TALK ABOUT A TRANSFORMATION!!! These first few months have been a true journey,I cannot wait to see what they will look like when I go for a reti on April 6th. A lot of my locs are fuzzy, and some of the balls have come off of the ends, but they are growing. I am doing a lot less curling and playing in my hair, which may seem like a small milestone to some, but I have been wanting to do this for some time now. Lately, I have been using Carols' Daughter and Organic root stimulator temple balm for my edges. I am drinking more water too, and I definitely see the difference drinking water makes for your hair and nails. I am getting closer and closer every day to the one year mark! lol. Happy easter everyone!