Wednesday, August 14, 2013

UPDATE & Lifestyle Changes

Hello All! I have been going through so many changes this past year. As I approach my 4 year locversary, and now that I am 27, I find myself wanting to make some real changes. I am still doing sisterlocks, but find that I am having trouble finding a qualifying head as a trainee. However, I will press forward because it wasn't as if the class was free. Last year this at this time I found myself laid off from my job with the State of Michigan and remained unemployed until I received an offer about a week ago. I am elated on this offer because after 34 interviews and finding myself severely depressed, I have a job that is beyond awesome and meets my needs. So where does this leave me. I am happy. That much I do know. However, since being laid off I haven't been very kind to my body. I have gained a good 20 pounds since being off and it wasn't like i was a size 2 when I became unemployed so you get my drift. I have decided to juice during the day, exercise, and have a small dinner before 7 p.m. I hope these changes not only helps my mood, but will be vital to the health of my hair as well. After coloring I find that my hair gets very dry. My hair also has a lot of buildup so I will start doing acv rinses, something I haven't done since I started. I hope to start new. And I hope these changes will put me on track to being good to myself and getting back to me. Until next time..

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